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2017 Fee Schedule - Download 

Certificate of Public Interest Application Checklist - Download

In order to establish a place of interment, a certificate of public interest must first be placed on the land title, preserving the parcel of land intended to become a place of interment in perpetuity. Please review the Certificate of Public Interest Checklist for the requirements. Once a Certificate of Public Interest has been completed, or if a cemetery land title restriction already exists on the land title in question, you may proceed with an application for a place of interment.

  1. Place of Interment Operator Application Checklist - Download
  2. Place of Interment Operator Application Form - Download
  3. Approval for Additional Interment Area Checklist - Download
  4. Sample Preneed Annual Report Cover - Download
  5. Sample Preneed Annual Report Format - Download
  6. Sample Care Fund Trust Agreement - Download
  7. Notice of Change - Business Information - Download
  8. Notice of Change - Purchase of Business - Download
  9. Notice of Change - Corporate Officers - Download
  10. Private Transport Permit Information - Download
  11. Private Transport Permit Application - Download
  12. Disinterment Request - Download
  13. Cemetery Trustee Board Member Update Form - Download
  14. Land Title Office Lifting of Restriction - Download
  15. Credit Card Payment Authorization Form - Download
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