Booked through Sinorama Travel Vancouver?

On August 8, 2018, we suspended the licence of Sinorama Travel Vancouver Inc., located in Richmond BC, and have frozen their bank accounts. We did this out of concern that they didn’t have enough money to continue operating as a travel agency. We believe that travellers may be at risk of not getting the travel they paid for.

If you booked through Sinorama Travel Vancouver or if you are one of our licensed travel agents, we know that you have questions. This information is what we know so far and is meant to help you make some decisions.

We are still assessing the potential impact on travellers and we will share updates here as we have it. Please read all the information closely and continue to watch this page.

Read our suspension decision.

You may still have questions that haven’t been answered. We ask for your patience and that you continue to watch this page. We will update this content as we get new information. 

You can share your travel details to us to help us assess the impact on travellers. It is not a refund claim form or an official complaint form.

Share your information with us.