Booked a Waterway houseboat?

LAST UPDATED: June 28, 2019

If you booked a houseboat or other services provided by Waterways Houseboats Ltd. (Waterway), you will not be getting those services. The company is in receivership (read the Notice and Statement of the Receiver).

Our scope of authority is limited with these types of situations and we are doing our best to share what we know and offer useful options to you.

We know that you are looking for answers about what to do next to try and get your money back. Depending on your particular circumstance, there are some steps that you can start to take. Please read all the information below carefully.

Please understand all the avenues listed below can take time. We will share updates here as we have them – please continue to watch this page. 

We know that this may be confusing and is a frustrating situation. This process can take some time and we are doing our best to help affected customers within our authority. Please continue to watch this page. We will update this content as we get new information that’s helpful to you.