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Posted on:
28 November 2016

When you plan your trips, do you tend to use the services of a travel agent? While travel agents can make vacation-planning a breeze, there’s also another big perk – access to the Travel Assurance Fund. 


Posted on:
18 November 2016

Whenever I post information about consumers’ telemarketing rights on Facebook, I tend to get questions about scam calls. If you ever wanted to know what to do about unsolicited telephone calls from fraudsters, keep reading…

Cemetery & Funeral Services

Posted on:
14 November 2016

A few weeks ago, I was asked an interesting question: “How do I go about arranging to be buried on my family farm?” I admit I was a little bit rusty on the answer (given that I’ve been away on parental leave), so I thought I’d share what I learned about the steps involved!

Debt Collection & Repayment

Posted on:
07 November 2016

November is Financial Literacy Month, a national initiative spearheaded by the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada. To mark this event, we’re sharing some interesting money-related questions (and answers) as asked by you, our blog readers.