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Cemetery & Funeral Services

Posted on
11 January 2015
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Have you had “The Talk?” Top 5 things you need to know about funeral services

Written by  Melaina

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Have you shared your end-of-life wishes with those you love? While these can be difficult conversations to have, it’s important to have them on your own terms – this will help ensure your final wishes are fulfilled and not left up to emotions. To read tips about how to have “the talk” with your loved ones about their end of life wishes, please click here.

In this blog post, we are also offering five things to know about funeral services in general.

1. Making a will is important! Having a will helps in many ways, including choosing who will care for your minor children, providing direction on funeral and burial preparations and dividing your assets amongst people and organizations. For more information, visit this page on the Ministry of Justice website. 

2. You can decide where you want your ashes spread. Did you know that if you state in your will that you’d like your ashes spread in a certain location, that wish must be honoured (as long as the request is not unreasonable)? Find out more about the requirements around spreading ashes in this blog post.

3. By law, there’s a system in place as to who gets control of your remains after death. In BC, there is a chain of command that outlines who gets “rights of disposition.” For example, first rights go to the person you named in your will, second to your spouse. For the full list, click here.

4. Check cemetery bylaws for marker requirements. As long as your marker complies with the cemetery’s bylaws, a cemetery may not refuse to install a memorial (even if it was purchased elsewhere). Contact the operator of the cemetery to find out the bylaws.

5. Prices can vary. Pricing for funeral services is not regulated and can vary. Funeral providers are required to display a current price list of all the services and products they offer – just ask!


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Last modified on 03 February 2015


Melaina works in communications and marketing for Consumer Protection BC. She is our regular blogger and is always looking for topics of interest to BC consumers.  Feel free to ask a question related to any of our posts by posting a comment!



Glen Hodges

30 January 2015
Regarding point #4: Not all cemeteries are owned or operated by a municipality. Private, corporate, or religious cemeteries create their own bylaws that have nothing to do with the municipality in which they are located.

Consumers should check the ByLaws/Rules of the specific cemetery - not the municipality.


03 February 2015
Thanks for catching that, Glen! Accordingly, I've changed contact the "municipality" to contact the "operator" in our blog post. Cheers, Melaina

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