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If you’re a senior, you may receive up to $500 in support from the Government of Canada. Here’s what you need to know about eligibility and coverage. 

What is the payment?   

The payment provides: 

  • $300 for seniors eligible for the Old Age Security (OAS) pension 
  • An additional $200 for seniors eligible for the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) 

That means the payment could provide up to $500 in financial support to help cover increased costs (i.e. grocery delivery fees, increased prescription costs, etc.) caused by COVID-19.  


The one-time payment for seniors is available to anyone who is eligible to receive the Old Age Security pension (for the $300), or the Guaranteed Income Supplement (for the $200). In both cases, you must be eligible for the June 2020 payment. 

  • If you have not automatically been enrolled in the OAS program you will have to apply
  • If you are already enrolled in the OAS program, you will receive the GIS automatically, if you qualify.  
    • The GIS provides a monthly non-taxable benefit to recipients of the OAS whose income is under a certain threshold.  
    • This is automatically calculated (meaning you don’t need to apply), but you can find out more about how the “maximum annual threshold” is calculated on the Government of Canada website

Do I need to apply? How and when will I receive the payment? 

You don’t need to apply. If you are eligible, you will automatically receive the one-time payment. 

If you are enrolled for Direct Deposit, the payment will be deposited directly into your account. If you are not enrolled for Direct Deposit, you can expect to receive a cheque with the payment.  

There is no specific date or waiting time for the payment. You will receive the payment as soon as possible.   

What else to know: 

  • The payment is tax-free. 
  • If you and your spouse are both eligible, you will each receive payments (up to $500 each). 
  • You can find more information on the Government of Canada website

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