The rules and issues around the COVID-19 pandemic continue to evolve and information changes consistently. Please take note of when our content was written and always go to the sources we’ve provided for the most current guidance.

We’ve shared quite a few physical health resources on our blog recently, and while we hope those have helped you, we also wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the mental health impact of COVID-19. It’s a difficult time, and the very real impact the pandemic has had and continues to have, on mental well-being is significant.  

To help, today we’re sharing some resources from the Government of Canada. They’ve released a mental health platform called Wellness Together Canada. We’re explaining what you can expect from the resource, and where you can start if you need support. 

What is Wellness Together Canada? 

Wellness Together Canada offers Canadians immediate virtual mental health support through the Government of Canada and some partner organizations.  

The website’s contents range from information and resources to self-assessment tools, and it can also connect people to trained volunteers and qualified mental health professionals, as needed. 

What if I urgently need help or support? 

Wellness Together Canada isn’t designed for urgent crisis situations. 

If you have a medical or mental health emergency and need support immediately, they recommend you do one of the following: 

  • Call 911 
  • Go to the nearest emergency room 
  • Or Text WELLNESS to: 
    • For youth: 686868 
    • For adults: 741741 

How to access Wellness Together Canada: 

You can access the platform from a computer, tablet or phone. To access the entirety of the Wellness Together Canada website, you must make an account. All you need to make an account is your name and email. 

What if I don’t want to sign up? 

You can access some educational resources without creating an account. 

Both of these partner sites offer extensive educational resources and some free counselling contacts. 

You can also access the above WELLNESS helplines without making an account. 

What to expect on the website: 

Once you make an account, you’ll be guided through a short questionnaire (it takes about 3-5 minutes). Based on your answers, the Wellness Together Canada website will provide you with self-assessments on your current distress, well-being, and functioning. 

Then, the website will recommend appropriate programs and tools for you to work through. You can also access their entire library of resources (which include tools, courses, peer support and coaching and free counselling), if you want to try more. 

We know this has been and continues to be, a challenging time for everyone. We hope you found the information on this resource helpful, and if there are any other mental health resources you think we should spotlight, tell us below!   

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