The rules and issues around the COVID-19 pandemic continue to evolve and information changes consistently. Please take note of when our content was written and always go to the sources we’ve provided for the most current guidance.

With many of the traditional exercise venues being unavailable due to COVID-19 closures, it has become more difficult to get typical exercise and activityWe’ve come up with some at-home or close-to-home alternatives that you can incorporate to keep active while respecting physical distancing 

These suggestions all come with a crucial caveat. The most important thing all of us can do at this time is to continue to strictly follow the physical distancing guidelines provided to us by health authorities and government agencies. Soall the suggestions below only apply if you can participate while maintaining appropriate physical distancing. 

Physical distancing is maintaining a 2-meters distance (just over 6 feet) between you and others when outside.

ways to stay active while physical distancing: 

1. Find exercise classes online: 

  • If you normally attend a yoga studio or other fitness class, see if they’ve moved their services online. 
  • If you’re looking for something new, there are many free resources online. Try checking platforms like YouTube and look for reputable fitness professionals and organizations. 
  • Try to find classes that are appropriate for your fitness level, and that incorporate types of exercise you enjoy.  
  • For example, if you like dancing, see if you can find a Zumba class online. 

2. Find everyday movement within your house: 

  • Your staircase can be a manual stair-climber—add an extra (or a few if you’re ambitious) set when you’re going up or down. 
  • Chores like vacuuming, cleaning, carrying laundry and other household chores can bring more activity to your day than you might think.   
  • Get inventive with household items—cans and water bottles can make good weights, and chairs and benches can also be useful workout props.

3. Go for a walk (only where it’s safe to do so): 

  • Choose routes that are likely to be less busy. 
  • Go during non-peak hours. 
  • Follow posted signs about the flow of pedestrian traffic or closures, so you can continue to respect physical distancing.  

4. Use the outside space available to you: 

  • Even if you only have a small balcony, combining some light stretching with the fresh air can help you stay active and reduce the sense that you’re trapped inside. 
  • Yard work can be a productive way to be active while staying at home. 

5. Incorporate play: 

  • If you have a back yard, play some active games with the people you live with—anything from a full game of soccer, to bocce or croquet could work. 
  • If you have kids in your house, play a game with them. Inside, try hide and seek, in a backyard, try tag 
  • If you have a pet and a back yard, go outside for a good game of tug-of-war or fetch. 

We hope this list of ideas was helpful to you!  If you can think of any other creative ways to get in some movement while stopping the spread of COVID-19, please share your suggestions 

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This is an evolving situation and information is changing all the time, so please go to the source for the most up-to-date information 

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