More resolved cases

With three businesses now committed to using Online Dispute Resolution (Rogers, SHAW and Robbins Parking), we’ve had some great case resolutions for consumers. Here’s an example:

A consumer had an issue with his phone provider: he hadn’t receive a promised credit on his bill and there was an issue as to the status of a returned phone (the consumer said he shipped it back, the business stated they had not received it). Through communication in the Online Dispute Resolution platform, the phone was located and the consumer received the credit ($868). 

How Online Dispute Resolution works – and a few bloopers

Curious about how Online Dispute Resolution works? Here’s a video we created that shows you what the platform looks like and the process in getting your dispute resolved:

Don’t forget to watch our Online Dispute Resolution blooper reel. Go ahead and laugh, it’s silly!

For more information about Online Dispute Resolution or to give it a try, go to