New Administrative Penalty Policy

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{July 5, 2011} VICTORIA, BC - Consumer Protection BC is informing our licensed industries of a new policy on the use of financial sanctions, referred to as administrative penalties, for licensed businesses that fail an inspection.

Consumer Protection BC has been inspecting the businesses we license since 2005. These inspections have focused on educating businesses and providing opportunities for voluntary compliance. If violations were detected during an inspection, they were drawn to the attention of the business and the operator provided an opportunity to remedy the issues. Where non-compliance continued or was not remedied, inspectors would escalate the issue for further enforcement action.

Consumer Protection BC compliance and enforcement inspectors have now been delegated the ability to issue administrative penalties under the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act and the Cremation, Interment and Funeral Services Act. These inspectors will be using this enforcement tool to act as a deterrent and to address serious and/or repeated violations detected during inspections.

While the authority to impose administrative penalties has always been available, Consumer Protection BC will now be using this enforcement tool more directly as a possible consequence of compliance inspections or investigations. This will help us ensure that licensed businesses that do not play by the rules face consequences for their actions. This will ultimately promote a level playing field for all of our licensed businesses.

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