Motion Pictures
Government Makes Changes to BC’s Motion Picture Act
{September 28, 2015} Today, the provincial government announced draft legislative amendments to BC’s Motion Picture Act.  Please read the government’s press release here for details. We will provide a link to the Bill in full once it is available, in the meantime, the progress of the bill (Bils 33) can be viewed on this page of the Legislative Assembly of BC website. 

Consumer Protection BC:
Consumer Protection BC is the regulator of a variety of industries and specific consumer contracts in the province. Its mandate is to licence and inspect its regulated businesses, respond to consumer inquiries, investigate alleged violations of consumer protection laws and educate consumers and businesses about their rights and responsibilities under the law. Its vision is a province where all citizens of BC are empowered in their transactions as a result of rigorous and consistent business compliance and through the provision of solution-based information. 

Simplified process for classifying ‘orphaned’ films


Consumer Protection BC
Ministry of Justice

{June 7, 2012} VICTORIA – After consulting with movie theatre owners, associations and motion picture distributors, Consumer Protection BC is pleased to announce changes to the way they reclassify films that were previously classified and no longer have a distributor – otherwise known as ‘orphaned’ films.

The Exhibition of Older Films in Theaters

Consumer Protection BC is responsible for enforcing the Motion Picture Act in the Province. We classify general release films and license the motion picture and video industry. We also educate the public with film content information so they can make informed viewing choices for themselves and their families. All exhibited films are required by law to be classified.  Did you know that last year we classified 998 films and we waived the fee for 55% of those films?

Title Transfer Update for General Release Distributors
{March 7, 2012} The exhibition of older films in theatres is becoming more common and we would like to clarify a few things regarding film approvals and title transfers.