Debt Collection
Reconsideration Notice: Administrative Penalty varied for BC collection agency

{Dec. 29, 2014} VICTORIA, BC – Consumer Protection BC has completed a reconsideration of a previous decision that resulted in an Administrative Penalty issued against CBV Collection Services Ltd. (CBV), a licensed debt collection company. After a reconsideration of the original findings, Consumer Protection BC has reduced the amount of the Administrative Penalty from $7,100 to $2,500.

Richmond-based debt collector faces penalty, ordered to comply with the law

{Nov. 4, 2014} VICTORIA, BC – Consumer Protection BC has issued a Compliance Order and a $2,400 Administrative Penalty against Fraser Collection Services Ltd., a licensed debt collection company, for violating BC’s consumer protection laws.

Can a debt collector call you at work? Top 3 eye-opening facts about debt collection in BC

(Oct. 27, 2014) VICTORIA, BC – With Financial Literacy Month set to kick off on Nov. 1, Consumer Protection BC is sharing three little-known facts about what debt collectors are (and aren’t) allowed to do when collecting debts from BC consumers.

Chilliwack, BC debt pooler shut down; Consumer Protection BC asks impacted clients to come forward

{March 25, 2014} VICTORIA, BC – Following an investigation into a licensed Chilliwack, BC-based debt pooler, Consumer Protection BC is requesting all consumers financially impacted by the business practices of Options Credit Services Canada Ltd. to come forward.

Consumer Protection BC fines debt collector for not complying with law
{Dec. 27, 2013} VICTORIA, BC – Consumer Protection BC has issued a $1,500 Administrative Penalty against iQor Canada Ltd, a licensed debt collection company, for violating BC’s consumer protection laws.

Consumer Protection BC Suspends Chilliwack-Based Debt Pooler Licence

{December 5, 2013} VICTORIA, BC – Consumer Protection BC has frozen the bank accounts and suspended the licence of Options Credit Services Canada Ltd., a debt pooler operating in Chilliwack BC. Based on consumer complaints, Consumer Protection BC began an investigation into the business practices of Options Credit Services Canada Ltd. (OCSC) and Mr. Don Antle.

Changes coming to BC’s Limitation Act

{May 31, 2013} VICTORIA, BC – Consumer Protection BC is advising all British Columbians about upcoming changes to the province’s Limitation Act, which sets limitation periods for civil claims.

Administered by the Ministry of Justice, BC’s new Limitation Act comes into effect on June 1, 2013 and repeals and replaces the province’s current Limitation Act, which dates back to 1975. The new Act governs how long a claimant has to bring a civil lawsuit (such as the ability to sue for a consumer debt owing) if no other statute contains a specific time period. Amongst the changes is the move from a variety of basic limitation periods, based on the type of legal action, to a single two-year basic limitation period for all civil claims (with some exceptions).

More information about the key changes, including a comprehensive questions and answers document that may be helpful for debtors and creditors with respect to debts, can be accessed from the Ministry of Justice website.

Consumer Protection BC is a not-for-profit corporation whose vision is confident consumers and trusted businesses in a thriving marketplace. We enforce consumer protection laws and strengthen consumer protection in BC by licensing and inspecting specific industries, responding to consumer questions, investigating alleged violations of consumer protection laws and educating consumers and businesses about their rights and responsibilities. For more information about our organization, please visit our corporate website at You can also follow Consumer Protection BC on Twitter @ConsumerProBC, like us on Facebook and read our blogfor valuable consumer tips and resources.

The Real Cost of Buying Now, Paying Later

VICTORIA – The lure of buying on credit can be tempting and sometimes saving to buy big-ticket items is difficult. Before deciding to buy now and pay later, the Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection BC urge consumers to consider the true cost of buying an item on credit.

Consumer Protection BC poll reveals 1 in 4 consumers will use credit to buy holiday gifts this year

{Dec. 13, 2012} VICTORIA, BC – While a new poll from Consumer Protection BC shows that 95 per cent of consumers are purchasing gifts this holiday season, 64 per cent say they’re planning on spending less than in 2011.

As part of “Be Money Smart This Holiday Season,” a wintertime campaign focused on financial literacy, Consumer Protection BC polled some 1,150 consumers over a six-day period in late November about their holiday spending habits.

Make a list, check it twice: Consumer Protection BC offers “Money Smart” tips, part of new seasonal campaign

{Nov. 16, 2012} VICTORIA, BC – Consumer Protection BC has just launched a seasonal campaign aimed at sharing money-saving tips with consumers across the province, coinciding with November’s Financial Literacy Month and the upcoming holiday season.

Consumer Protection BC advises consumers of debt collection rights

{Nov. 1, 2012} VICTORIA, BC – With British Columbia having the highest consumer debt of any province or territory in Canada, at about $38,000 per household, Consumer Protection BC takes educating consumers about debt very seriously and would like to remind BC residents of their debt collection rights.

"Don't Pay For Year": What Consumers Should Know

Have you been tempted by offers to not pay for an item for a year? Perhaps you thought that if you purchased it on credit you wouldn't have to pay interest for a whole year. It can sound like a great deal but it's important to make an informed decision.