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The Restricted Cougar Makes a Comeback

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{November 21, 2011} It may have been a while since you have seen the iconic Restricted Cougar image. And did you know the cougar is actually from BC?  Today, Consumer Protection BC has re-released the old movie trailers from the 1970s and 1980s.

The cougar has become a symbol of movies and entertainment that is recognized around the world, but was actually designed in in BC over 50 years ago. It first appeared on Restricted movies in BC, but for years was spotted in movie theatres all over Canada and beyond.  Wondering why you haven’t seen this Canadian entertainment icon lately? In 1997, classification categories were revised and the "18A" rating replaced the "R" rating in BC and Saskatchewan. And so cougar sightings became scarce.

Find out more about the cougar, take a look though an interactive timeline that tells the cougar’s life story and watch all six trailers by clicking here.

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