Travel Assurance Fund

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Find out more about BC's Travel Assurance Fund
The Travel Assurance Fund (TAF) provides a possible source of compensation when consumers do not receive the travel services they purchased through a BC licensed travel agent.

What is the Travel Assurance Fund (TAF)?

If you booked travel services with a BC licensed travel agent and the travel services were not provided you may be eligible for a refund from the Travel Assurance Fund. (TAF) Travel agents and wholesalers located in BC are required to be licensed and to contribute to the Travel Assurance Fund which is managed by Consumer Protection BC.

What are some reasons you may not receive your travel services?

The most common example involves  paying a BC licensed agent for travel services usually transportation or accommodation, and then not receiving the services due to the travel agency  or end supplier such as the airline or hotel going out of business.

The TAF may reimburse up to the cost of the original contracted services, and does not cover the cost of any replacement bookings you make such as booking at another hotel or flight. 

What’s not covered?

The TAF doesn’t cover everything, here’s some examples of what the TAF would not cover:

  • Gift certificates, damage deposits or unused credits;
  • Dissatisfaction with the quality of service such as poor accommodations, failure for to receive travel services due to a natural disasters such as  bad weather or earthquakes, or other circumstances beyond the control of the travel supplier (i.e. a strike);
  • The TAF will not top up insurance payments related to health, baggage or trip cancellation; and

Claims received by the (TAF) later than six months from the date you did not receive the travel services.

Make a Claim to the Fund:

If you believe you have a claim to the TAF please complete the following form and be sure to submit all required documentation (listed below) within 6 months. 

Consumer Travel Assurance Fund claim form [Online]
Consumer Travel Assurance Fund claim form [PDF]

If you are a licensee or wholesaler and wish to apply to the Travel Assurance Fund please visit our licensee claims page. 

What Else do I Need to Provide to Support my Claim?

In order for a (TAF) claim to be reviewed he following documentation must be included in your claim. If you are unable to provide any of the below information please provide a written explanation as to why it is not available. IF THE BELOW INFORMATION IS NOT PROVIDED WITHIN 6 MONTHS FROM THE DATE OF LOSS, YOUR CLAIM WILL BE DENIED. 

  •  Proof you entered into a contract for travel services with a BC licensed travel agent (copy of itinerary, copy of contract).
  •  Proof of payment for the travel services (receipt provided by travel agent, front and back of cheque, receipt for cash payment, credit card receipt, banking statements, money order and bank draft) 
  •  Proof travel services were not provided as per the contract.  This could include proof of alternate travel, letter from airline stating that tickets were not booked, proof of payment from wholesaler to end supplier.
  •  Any other additional information you may have to support your claim. 

If you purchased the travel services by credit card, you must provide the following information: proof your credit card company is unable to reverse the charges (letter from your credit card company stating they did not reverse the charges).

If you purchased travel insurance you must provide the following information: proof you did not receive reimbursement through your travel insurance company (letter from your travel insurance company stating they did not provide funds).

If the travel agent that your purchased travel from is still in business, you must provide the following information: proof that you have requested a refund from the travel agent and provided the travel agent 30 days to provide the refund. 

Please note that failure to provide the required information will result in a delay in processing your claim or a denial of your claim if it is not provided within six months from the date of that you were not provided with your travel services.

Our reconsideration process


If you have questions about the TAF or eligibility, please contact us. You can call us toll free at 1-888-564-9963, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or post your question on our Facebook page.