Recent Enforcement Actions

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CaseRespondentTrade NamePublish Date
27773Pacific Crematorium Limited2014-08-15
28893Charan, Veenita - Nand, Joseph KishoriGlobal Pacific Travel2014-08-12
28888Boyd's Funeral Service Ltd.2014-07-16
28696Care Funeral Services (Vancouver Island) Ltd.2014-07-09
28893Charan, Veenita - Nand, Joseph KishoriGlobal Pacific Travel2014-06-27
28474CBV Collection Services Ltd.2014-06-26
28474CBV Collection Services Ltd.2014-06-26
28551D & A Collection Corporation2014-06-13
28551D & A Collection Corporation2014-05-27
27987Fraser Collection Services Limited2014-05-02
28666Options Credit Services Canada Ltd2014-03-25
28721KFitness BurnabySport Kickboxing Federation2014-03-06
28721KFitness BurnabySport Kickboxing Federation2014-03-06
28635Virendra Manohar2014-01-24
28635Virendra Manohar2014-01-24

Consumer Protection BC is empowered by law to publish information respecting the enforcement actions we take. We have a published policy on how and when we will do this. We also believe that the public has a right to know about the decisions we make and the actions we take in enforcing BC's consumer protection laws.

The law and our policy say that we may publish information respecting the suspension or cancellation of a licence, an undertaking, a compliance order, a direct sales prohibition order, a property freezing order, the imposition of an administrative penalty, a court order made under the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act or Cremation, Interment and Funeral Services Act and the conviction for an offence under the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act or Cremation, Interment and Funeral Services Act.

The law also provides us with the authority to publish the name of the person against whom the action was taken, the amount of any penalty, and the reason for the action or the nature of the contravention.

Listed below are the enforcement actions that Consumer Protection BC's enforcement team has taken since 2011. In some cases, individual complainant names have been shortened to initials for the protection of their privacy. If the title of a document associated with an enforcement action includes either of the following: "Judicial Review Pending" or "Reconsideration Pending," this indicates that a reconsideration or judicial review is pending. No enforcement action will take place while either of these statuses applies.