Cemetery & Funeral Services in BC: How Can We Help?

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The Cemetery and Funeral Services Industry includes Cemetery, Cremation, and Funeral Services.  In British Columbia, Consumer Protection BC has been given responsibility for regulation of the Cremation, Interment and Funeral Services Act. This involves licensing funeral homes, funeral directors, cemeteries, crematoria and embalmers.

The cremation, interment and funeral services industry must meet the requirements of the law to ensure a continuing high level of professionalism and integrity. The law protects consumers by prohibiting unfair practices, including undue pressure, restricting when and how salespeople may contact consumers to sell contracted services, and requiring businesses to:

  • provide specific information in the contracts;
  • display price lists on their premises;
  • give accurate information and obtain approval before performing services;
  • hold prepaid money in trust; and,
  • meet certain facility standards.