Making Arrangements Now for Future Funeral Needs

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Making funeral arrangements for a loved one can be very stressful.  In some instances, British Columbians chose to enter into a preneed funeral services contract with a funeral provider allowing them to pre arrange and pre pay for their future funeral needs.  A person may also enter into a preneed cemetery services contract with a cemetery operator for future cemetery services.  Entering into a contract secures costs at the current rate, even if the funeral takes place many years later.  In other instances, a person may wish to leave prearrangement information with the funeral home, but not prepay for the services.  

A person may also choose to become a member of a memorial society for a nominal fee which may allow the member to obtain funeral services at a lower cost.  To find a memorial society in your area, look in the Yellow Pages under "funeral directors." Note that the word "memorial" in a company's name doesn't necessarily mean it is associated with a memorial society.

How and when you make your funeral arrangements is a personal choice.  Funeral homes and cemeteries are not allowed to phone you or come to your house to sell to you unless you invite them to do so.  If you want to have a salesperson come to your house you must request the presentation at least 24 hours in advance.

When you enter into a contract for funeral services, the contract must include an itemized listing of all goods and services purchased and any other costs involved.  With a prepaid funeral contract you may have cancellation rights.  To find out more, please visit our page on cancellation rights for preneeds contracts.