Resolving Consumer Complaints

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Steps to take to resolve your dispute: 

Try to work it out with the business
Let the company know about your issue. If you are unsuccessful in speaking to a representative in person, check to see if the company has a toll free number or email for customer services issues. Keep brief dated notes of key points discussed. Be clear about what your issues is and what outcome you are requesting.  Check out our tips for writing a complaint letter.

Still unable to resolve the issue?

If your complaint hasn’t been resolved after contacting the business you may wish to see which organization may be able assist you.Consumer Protection BC is able to assist you with issues regarding the below industries. To learn more please click on the individual link. 

Debt Collection/Bailiffs/Debt Repayment
Cemetery and Funeral Services
Payday Lending
Home Inspections
Motion Pictures
Credit Reporting
Consumer Contracts
Gift Cards

If your complaint does not fall under the law we administer please visit our ‘Directory’ to see if another agency or regulator can assist you. Your local Better Business Bureau may also be able to provide you with assistance in settling the problem if the business is a member of theirs.  For helpful tips on how to complain effectively you can also visit the Complaint Roadmap.

When to send us a complaint: 
If the complaint falls under the law we administer and you have first tried to resolve the issue directly with the business you can submit a written complaint to us by clicking here