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The following Regulations support the legal framework under which Consumer Protection BC operates:

Regulations under the Business Practices & Consumer Protection Act

Business Practices and Consumer Protection Regulation
Consumer Contracts Regulation
Debt Collection Industry Regulation
Disclosure of the Cost of Consumer Credit Regulation
Fee Setting Criteria Regulation
Home Inspector Licensing Regulation
Payday Loans Regulation
Prepaid Purchase Cards Regulation
Telemarketer Licensing Regulation
Travel Industry Regulation

Regulations under the Cremation, Interment and Funeral Services Act

Administrative Penalties Regulation
Cremation, Interment and Funeral Services Regulation
Fee Setting Criteria Regulation

Regulations under the Motion Picture Act

Motion Picture Act Regulations

Orders In Council:

OIC 144 Payday Loans Regulation
OIC 040 Home Inspector Licensing Regulation
OIC 934 Amending Travel Industry Regulations
OIC 933 Amending the BPCP Act
OIC 388 Bringing changes to the Motion Picture Act into force on June 20, 2007
OIC 387 Amending the Motion Picture Regulations
OIC 1193 Providing exemptions with respect to credit reporting for collection agents
OIC 561 Amending the BPCP Regulation
OIC 791 Exempting savings institutions from telemarketer licensing requirement
OIC 1194 on Part 5 of BPCP Act
OIC 882 Bringing Part 5 of the BPCP Act into force effective July 1, 2006
OIC 413 Regarding Debt Collection Security
OIC 340 Streamlining of Regulations for Continuing Services Contracts
OIC 261 Designating the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Authority as Director

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