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Mexicana Airlines and Claims to BC’s Travel Assurance Fund

Mexicana Airlines is currently undertaking a restructuring plan.  Refund procedures for passengers booked to travel on the airline are available on the Mexicana Airlines website. Travelers should also contact their travel agent, credit card provider or insurance company to see what refund options may be available. 

As Mexicana Airlines is still an operational company and is offering a process for obtaining refunds, there is no provision for claims against BC’s Travel Assurance Fund (TAF) at this time.  In the event that Mexicana Airlines is unable to provide a refund, consumers may be eligible to claim to to TAF.  Impacted consumers are encouraged to submit a claim now to the TAF to meet the six month claim deadline.  All claims will be held until the future of Mexicana Airlines is determined and the claimant has proved that they were unable to obtain compensation from other sources. 

Consumer Protection BC is recommending that consumers visit the Mexicana Airlines website directly for up to date information about the airline.

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