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Posted on:
30 January 2012

Recently it was discovered that some babies became sick after eating PC Organics rice cereal, a product sold at Loblaw Superstores. Loblaws recalled the rice cereals to prevent any further occurrences as a precautionary measure and parents were advised to check any products they already had at home. You can read a related CBC news article here.

ConsumerProBC @BBB_BC Can't wait! Have fun! ^mh
ConsumerProBC MT @IBC_West: Avoid Staged collisions - Never tailgate; allow ample time 2 stop #FPM2015 #FraudPreventionMonth
ConsumerProBC @visoaSandy Thanks for the tweet! The answer is true: debt collectors are allowed to call on Sundays, but no calls allowed on stat holidays.
ConsumerProBC MT @PLSBC: #Newcomer or #youth getting your license? Driving in BC resource available as a @Clicklaw Wikibook!
ConsumerProBC RT @Fraserhealth: Having trouble sleeping? 6 tips on how to get more sleep: #betterhealth