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Consumer Protection BC

Posted on
28 November 2011
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A New Way to Resolve Consumer Disputes Online

Written by  Michelle

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Consumer Protection BC is proud to introduce a new pilot project. It’s called Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) and it’s a cost effective and efficient way for BC consumers to resolve disputes with businesses over the internet.  We just launched this tool and already, a few cases have been resolved! Continue reading to find out more about ODR.

What is the ODR Process?
If you have a complaint, contact our Inquiry unit by telephone (1-888-564-9963) or by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). We may be able to directly assist you in resolving your complaint or we may refer you to an organization which can better assist you. If however it looks like your complaint would be a good fit with the ODR process, a case administrator will take your information and then contact the business to see if they are willing to participate. Once both parties are onboard, the resolution process begins and communication through the ODR online platform will begin.

Who can participate?
British Columbia consumers and businesses who are in a dispute can participate.  Both parties must be comfortable with sharing information online, have access to a computer and an email account.   

What information do I need before I start the ODR process?
The more information, the better! At a minimum you will need:
•    the businesses name and contact information,
•    proof of payment,
•    documentation to support your complaint, and
•    information on what steps you have taken to resolve the problem yourself.
For example if your complaint is about a couch being delivered in poor condition, your sales agreement, proof of payment, photos supporting your complaint and a copy of your initial complaint letter to the business.  

 How long does the actual ODR process take?
This depends on the business and the consumer and how willing they are to resolve the issue. If a resolution has been reached, both the consumer and the business are notified by email. It is up to both parties to follow through with the agreement.

We are really excited about the ODR process and its potential to help consumers. Find out more about our Online Dispute Resolution tool at There’s more information there for you!

Last modified on 01 December 2011


Michelle formerly worked in the Consumer Protection BC Inquiry Centre. She answered calls and emails from consumers and businesses on a wide variety of topics



Donna Moore

18 September 2012
I had Just Flooring in Surrey come and give me a quote on a vinyl plank flooring. They measured at 1050 sq ft and $1698 for installation plus $36.95 for prep work. I agreed and was to pay 50% up front. When I called to pay the owner he said pay the floor now $3024.00 and then pay for installation after it is completed. I agreed. He then said someone else would be comng to install and he would come that evening. When he came the prep work was over $2000 not $36.85 and the calculation of the product was wrong I needed another $80 sq ft. The total extra amount from the quote is now $2900.00 extra. I called the owner and explained I would not have bought the floor if you had quoted me correctly. He said I have bought the floor and it will be delivered some time tomorrow. I said please cancel I only ordered it less than 24 hours ago. He said he could not.


18 September 2012
Hi Donna, it sounds like this may be considered a future performance contract. If it is, we may be able to look into it for you. Can you please send us an email at with your information as well as copies of contracts and proof of payment in the email? This will help us determine how we can best assist you. Thanks!

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