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Operations has a broad mandate to investigate complaints related to all legislation administered by Consumer Protection BC, and to licence, inspect and perform financial audits of all regulated business sectors, including debt collection agencies, debt collectors, bailiffs and debt poolers, funeral service providers, funeral directors, embalmers, cemeteries and crematoria, travel agencies and travel wholesalers, telemarketers, motion picture retailers and distributors, theatres, home inspectors and payday lenders. Operations also has responsibility for all film classification activities conducted under theMotion Picture Actof BC.

Mr. Tayt Winnitoy is the Vice President of Operations.

Operations is four teams:


The licensing team provides advice and assistance on regulatory matters and receives and reviews license applications and renewals, including the screening of detailed financial and personal information. Licensing is responsible for ensuring that all businesses and individuals regulated under the statutes maintain their qualifications for licence, and report on various business practices and which may fall under the scope of the law.

Licensing is also responsible for identifying possible compliance matters, interpreting and applying legislation, regulations, policy and principles of administrative law to take appropriate courses of action, including issuance, refusal, suspension, cancellation or imposition of conditions on licenses. In some cases these actions include formal and informal hearings under the Acts.


The Regulatory Audit team works with both licensing and compliance and enforcement to monitor and investigate the financial activity of licensees who handle consumer funds. They review and audit business financial statements and trust accounting practices and to identify anomalies. When financial or other issues related to handling of consumer funds arise, this team leads in determining and quantifying if violations have occurred and initiating administrative and enforcement action.

Regulatory Audit participates directly in cases involving unusually serious or complex financial matters including licensee insolvency, bankruptcy and other business failures, and ensures, whenever possible, services that have been purchased are delivered to the purchasers.


The Compliance and Enforcement team enforces consumer protection law and pursues violations of the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act, the Cremation, Interment and Funeral Services Act and the Motion Picture Act.

Compliance inspectors deal with regulated industries to ensure compliance with legislation and oversee initial complaint investigations and alleged civil and criminal violations of the Acts. The inspectors respond to issues from licence applications and renewals, conduct regular unscheduled on-site inspections and paper compliance reviews.

Enforcement inspectors are responsible for leading consumer protection enforcement activities throughout the province. Investigations are initiated as the result of inspections, consumer complaints and issues that come to the attention of the Authority through the police, the media, licensees and industry associations.


Motion Picture (Film) Classification protects the public interest through administration of the Motion Picture Act and Regulations. The team reviews all motion pictures and adult videos before they are distributed or exhibited. They also approve, classify, prohibit, recall or impose conditions on the exhibition, sale and rental of motion pictures and adult videos in BC.

Film Classification controls the content and use of advertising trailers and other advertising materials, and limits the access of minors to adult films and adult videos.