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Tayt Winnitoy, Vice President, Operations

The Operations team has a broad mandate to protect the financial, mental and physical well-being of BC consumers under the legislation delegated to Consumer Protection BC by the Ministry of Justice.

To do this, Operations provides businesses and consumers information about their rights and responsibilities. The team responds to consumer inquires and complaints, provides consumer education,  investigates complaints and enforces BC consumer protection law.

The team also licences, inspects and performs financial audits of all regulated business sectors, including debt collection agencies, debt collectors, bailiffs and debt poolers, funeral service providers, funeral directors, embalmers, cemeteries and crematoria, home inspectors, payday lenders, travel agencies and travel wholesalers, telemarketers, motion picture retailers and distributors, and theatres. Operations also classifies motion pictures and approves adult video under the Motion Picture Act of BC.

Operations consists of five teams:

  1.  Consumer Relations
  2.  Compliance & Enforcement
  3.   Licensing
  4.   Regulatory Audit
  5.   Motion Picture Classification (visit the Classification web portal here)