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The Vice President of Corporate Relations is responsible for complex, high profile projects to promote and enhance consumer protection, develop policy recommendations and legislation proposals, strengthen industry, consumer and government relations, reduce or eliminate BPCPA costs through a combination of recoveries, reductions and new lines of business and provide for ongoing and new revenue streams. The Vice President of Corporate Relations is also responsible for communications and is the BPCPA's media spokesperson.

The Vice President of Corporate Relations oversees three key teams.

The Policy and Legislation team is responsible for working with industry, consumers, government and Authority staff in developing policy and legislative proposals.

The Corporate Relations team includes the Inquiry Centre which is the front line for responding to consumer inquiries and complaints, advising callers of their rights under the consumer protection law and gathering information in cases where a business may have breached the legislation. The Inquiry Centre is a crucial element in gathering complaint information which is in turn formulated into investigations and potential prosecutions under the consumer protection legislation. This team is responsible for the administration of the consumer compensation and consumer advancement funds.

The Industry Relations team is responsible for coordinating information and input from key business clients. This team provides support to the Board of Directors and the industry advisory groups.

Mr. Dustin Dunlop is the Acting Vice President of Corporate Relations.