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Business Plans

Each year, Consumer Protection BC prepares a public, 3 year business plan that highlights the organization’s strategic direction for the next three years. The following are the most recent business plans.

Strategic Business Plan 2016-2018
Business Plan 2015-2017
Business Plan 2014-2016
Business Plan 2013-2015
Business Plan 2012-2014
Business Plan 2011-2013
Business Plan 2010-2012
Business Plan 2009-2011
Business Plan 2008-2010
Business Plan 2007-2009
Business Plan 2006-2008

Annual Reports

Each year, Consumer Protection BC prepares a public annual report that highlights the organization’s accomplishments over the past fiscal year. This report provides statistical information, financial statements and an overview of how Consumer Protection BC has met its goals according to the three-year business plan.

Here are the most recent annual reports:

Annual Report 2014 and 2014 Financial Statements
Annual Report 2013
and 2013 Financial Statements
Annual Report 2012
 and 2012 Financial Statements
   -  Motion Picture Act Addendum to our 2012 Annual Report
Annual Report 2011 and 2011 Financial Statements
Motion Picture Act: 2011Annual Report

Motion Picture Act: 2010 Annual Report

Annual Report 2010
and 2010 Financial Statements
Annual Report 2009
and 2009 Financial Statements
Annual Report 2008

Annual Report 2007

Annual Report 2006

Annual Report 2005

Brochures, Rack Cards & Posters

Please contact us if you wish to obtain copies of any Consumer Protection BC collateral. You can also download PDF versions of the following items by clicking on the links below.